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Jacqueline Alexandre is a Switzerland-based visual artist working with photography and collage. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from Falmouth University and is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.


Alexandre’s work is strongly influenced by her explorations of psychological, philosophical and metaphysical concepts. Using both analogue and digital methods she examines theories on the human condition, its associated emotions and the inherent psychological construction of reality. She draws from recurring themes around home, identity, memories, transience, nostalgia and the boundary between reality and imagination. 



About my work: 

I am intrigued by the notion that human consiousness creates reality, having an impact on how we process, remember and understand the world around us. It implies that we see the world around us as we are and that the physical world that we perceive is not something that is separate from us. In that respect the photographic medium can be seen as a tool to translate our state of mind and the information that is created in our minds, as we observe the world around us, into a tanglible experience. It can equally be understood as a practice towards ever shifting perspectives. Thus things become real because we give them our attention. In conclusion, our perception, our thinking and our existence in this world are repeatedly put to the test. 

The natural world equally inspires me. For me it stands as a metaphor for the ephemeral, for our inseparability from nature and the attempt to find a deeper meaning of human existence.

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