Jacqueline Alexandre is a Switzerland-based artist working with photography and digital collage. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Photography from Falmouth University and is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.


Alexandre’s work is influenced by her exploration of psychological, philosophical and metaphysical concepts. Using analogue and digital methods and working with archive material, she draws from recurring themes around memories, transience, nostalgia and the boundary between reality and imagination. Alexandre uses the photographic medium as a tool to translate abstract ideas into a visually tangible format.

"I see my life as a constant outer and inner exploration, be it through traveling or through immersing myself into ideas on the human existence and the inherent concept of reality.  Nature and landscapes are the main subjects of my work, standing as metaphors for the ephemeral and an attempt to find a deeper meaning of human existence. The physical and mental travels provide me with a sense of freedom.”