landings 2019

Online group exhibition, Falmouth University 2019, 16 - 25 August 2019, visit:

Final project BA (Hons) Photography 


Julie. Did you grow since I last saw you? 

This project is about the magic of childhood and recording childhood memories. On a deeper level my work explores the visualisation of memories through photography and at the same time it examines how a subject can be represented through the photographic image.


The protagonist in this series is 5-year old Julie, a lively, cheeky and imaginative little girl. As we both share a similar heritage, there is a connection between us.

My aim was to capture the diverse facets of Julie's personality and what characterises childhood as we as adults would like it to remember: happy-go-lucky, carefree, playful, magic, with room for development. 

Julie's images are laid out next to my old photographs from the 1970s and 1980s, combined with drawings she has created and drawings i did when I was a child. 


I would like to take the viewer on a time travel to their own childhood. As the memories unfold, I wish to stimulate reflection on how childhood memories are formed and how a photograph can shape the act of remembering.


Are those childhood memories real or rather a perception of an own reality? 


all images © 2019 jacqueline alexandre.